How to set a value to a variable only once?

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Firstly please excuse me if the topic is not very expressive as I am not sure if I can fit it in lesser words or I can use more words in the title. I need help in - how to create a variable ( which type) and on which screen, so that it is initialized to a value let say 100 only once in lifetime of a user of an app , which has login/singin/signup functionality. Basically I want to give coins( name of the variable) to a user on the sign up/first time user of the app and then while the user is using the app , the value of coins will change as per the functionality of the app, I do not want the coins to be reset to 100 ever then, please help. Kindly tag if there is already a post about the same, will be really helpful.TIA.

You can use a stored variable for this. When the screen opens, check to see if the stored variable equals null. If so, set it to the initial value such as 100. That’s it!

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