How can I show new items at the top of a list?

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I have seen this asked before but only in the classic discussion and I’m not sure if it totally translates. I’m hoping to show newly added items at the top of my list since it almost looks like they don’t appear when it’s added to the bottom.

Here’s my code so far for the lists:


Thank you! :smiley:

Are you wanting to reverse the order of the spreadsheet column that you’re retrieving in the GetColumn block or are you wanting to add a new list item to the top/start of the list in the "in list [app selectedList] insert at] block?

If it’s the latter, change “insert at [last]” to “insert at [first]”.

If it’s the former, I suspect you’d have to write a function to retrieve the column as a list and then to re-order everything in reverse order (in a list of n items, move item n to top/first item of second list --> change n to n-1 --> repeat)

The built-in list functions only support sorting by numerical or alphabetical order.

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Hey @tatiang, I’ll give that a shot, thank you!