How can I display the green error block? (Sign-in, camera, audio blocks, etc)


I’m following the sign up tutorial for my app. According to the tutorial there should be an “error” output but I am not seeing this on my end. When I try signing up without errors, it works and I can see my new account on Firebase. And if I set it up incorrectly, nothing shows up on Firebase but of course there’s no feedback in the app on why it didn’t work. So I think the process is working correctly I just can’t get the error output.

What I see

What I should be seeing

I can actually get the error output in the “sign in” block, but I can’t transfer this over to the “sign-up” block.

Appreciate any assistance that can be provided.

Thank you,

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Some blocks have a simple version and an advanced version. Right-click on the block and choose “Show advanced version” to see the green error block.

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When you right-click on the component you will see this

Choose Show advanced block and it will convert to this

Thank you both