How can I connect a Data Viewer List to my Real Time Data Base?

I only see the option to connect it to the local DB, but I need to pull info from my Firebase, Real Time Data Base.


Is there anyway to make a table like this pulling data from Firebase?


I dont think you can link a Firebase to a Data Viewer. To make the other list you would just have to use several columns/rows within a row using labels for the text. Then when your firebase info comes in it goes into a separate variable for each column and then you could use the 'from 1 to 'length of ‘variable list’ block to count how many times to clone each label in each column. It’s a lot of work but thats how I’ve made my own list with firebase data.

Then what is the sense of having firebase?

As far as I understand, we use firebase because Thunkable local database doesn’t has the power to manage large amount of information as well as any spreadshit on the cloud as excel or numbers.

You’d connect your db blocks to a layout and use cloning to accomplish this. You gotta put in the work here.

The db blocks are nice but not the most useful thing in the world.

Personally I’d use the rest api and connect to Firebase as such or alternatively, which I’ve done, I’d set up a bunch of Firebase functions to do the things I need for my app to interact with the db.

I’d also sign in/out using the api blocks


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