How can I build a home screen widget?

How can I add a homescreen widget for my app in Thunkable? What steps should I take? And like Denzel Washington said, “Talk to me like I am a 6 year old”.

Hi there,

Are you hoping to add a Button to your app that will return to the home screen of your app?
Or, are you hoping to add a Button that the user could press to minimize their app and return to their device home screen?

In the second case, devices will automatically have this function. For example, in this screenshot of a thunkable app open on an Android device, I can press the button in the bottom center of the screen to dismiss the app and return to my device home screen:

@jane I believe he is referring to Android Widgets, just like the ones Apple is introducing to iOS 14:

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Thanks, @Deluxe!

@nlnewsc, Thunkable doesn’t currently have this ability.

You are welcome to make a feature request at our public Github repository:

Yes Deluxe, that is what I am looking for. And Jane answered it for me… Thanks for the quick response.

Jane, if I were to build a widget somehow at, could I add it to a Thunkable app?