How can I Append Value to Firebase with Thunkable X?


Could you help me for appending data to a Firebase address?

Please help…

Like in classic is not possible =(

you’ll have to figure out how to save your data

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Umm it actually is possible in classic, so I am hoping you are wrong about X as well. :slight_smile:


Did you manage to find a way to do this yet? I may have a solution for you, depending on what you are trying to do.

Could you please share your solution? I need to save a lot of values in the following format as a text 70,80,90,100,… but I’m getting this values independently from firebase. I know in code programming I would just use the function to append.

can you post a screenshot of the blocks you have tried thus far?
you should be able to call the result of a key and save it to a list. then, add what you want to the end of that list. then save the new list using the key from the original data call.

take it out. add to it. put it back.

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Wow that is a great solution for appending. I went a different route due to the lag when a screen had too many blocks, which I believe they have fixed somewhat. I will post my version when i return home.
Here is the way i got around it because i had several pages due to the block lag and every time i went to save to the database from another page it would delete what was currently in the database. So thanks to @Darren from Thunkable X Tutorials i found a solution that worked for me, it may not be perfect for your situation but it did what i needed it to do and may help you find a solution. I guess it is not really an Append, it is Folder Structuring i guess. Welcome to the Thunkable Community.
These are the blocks:

And this is what the database wil show:

Hope this helps.


This is the way to do it ! since here in thunkable are this Objects blocks that make us easy to structure the database , with this format we can protect better our database and is more easy to understand it :robot:

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