How can I add a list to a list?

I tried it like a picture.
Insert at causes [,] to remain.

sum should make [,].

How can I neatly combine multiple lists?

Hi, @mom7667yafy! :wave:

Since you are adding both name & name1 into one list alllist before the sum, why not total that list only?

The reason why sum is not happening, because "," is a string, and sum does not sum strings.
So, instead of summing name + "," + name1, try this -
sum of list - app alllist.

Thanks! :blush:

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I’m asking for a nice and easy way to combine lists into lists.
I’ve tried this and that.
I added another picture to try.

If you put 100 lists together, it’s incredibly painful.
If you need to combine 100 lists, how do you do it?

I found the answer by searching the forums (result here). Based on that topic, here’s a screenshot of what I did that worked:

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.34.49 PM


Wow it’s amazing
There is a simple but good way
Thank you.
This is the best way.

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There is a problem with the method presented.
If the list is empty as shown in the attached figure.
I want the list to be displayed as completely empty when it is empty.
In the above picture, however, there are three items.
How can I solve this problem?

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Using the method shown in the figure, if the list is empty, it will be displayed as empty.
There is nothing wrong with having something empty and data.

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I tested it.
I have an empty list and it works as I want.
It works perfectly.
It’s rotten in two ways.
You are amazing.
I wouldn’t find it difficult to combine 100 lists.
Thank you.

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