Help with square root


I´m trying to make a formula with math block using a square root but I can’t do it.

I want to use a square root like the image.

I tried using a math block with 3 ^ before the square root but it don´t works.

Can any one helps me?


If you need a square root, see this: How can i calculate X Y Z flux density? - #9 by tatiang.

Or do you need a cube root? Here’s how to do that:

I putted an image because I don’t know what it is called in English.

These are the blocks that I have used but it does not do the operation in the correct order, not are the correct blocks or not are the correct form to use it the square root for what I want.

I want to put a number in the text input “T” and that number is the one to use in the operation.

In the previous square root image the number on the text input will replace the “3”.

You need to remove the square root block.

Your blocks create an expression like


Without the square root block, you will have an expression like


WOOOOW! I spend hours in that and you solve it in two messages!

I do it and works perfect!



You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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hi can you help me with the code where we need to Find out whether the given number is a perfect cube or not. I am stuck on this

Did that not work? What number are you entering in the text input? What is the value of app variable perfect cube when you do that? And what is the value of Label14?

What happens if you (temporarily) replace Text_Input5's Text with an integer from the Math drawer? What if you tried it with 7 and with 8. What are the results then?

In the text input I am entering random number to find whether that number is perfect cube or not.
For example: 343 in text input
so I want app variable perfect cube to check whether the number in the text input is perfect cube or not and then in label14 it will take the number which is entered in text input and concatenate by showing whether its perfect cube or not.

I have made for perfect square root its working properly.
Here is the link

It’s not working correctly in all cases.

For example, it shows 343 as not being a perfect cube. There’s a rounding error… if you display the value of app variable perfect cube, it’s 6.999999999 which is then considered not whole.

These topics discuss the problem:

I think you can fix it by adding a “with decimal places” block like this:

(Thanks to @catsarisky for that one.)



Thanks alot.
Its working now . I didnt realise the decimals part.

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