Fraction as exponent value

I am trying to use a fraction (one third in order to find the cube root of a number) for exponent value. Since I did not see a way to enter that I used the division (1 divided by 3) so the program is calculating the decimal value first and using that as the exponent/power. How do i tell the program I want the cube root.

Isn’t the cubic root and raising to the power of .3 the same?

No. That will not give the correct result. See screenshot with power 0.3decimalexponent

Yes but .3 and 1/3 aren’t the same either.

1/3 = .3333333333333333333333333 repeating forever

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So how does one find the cube root of a number in Thunkable?

I am using 1 divided by 3 for the exponent and then rounding the result. So far it seems to work.
Thanks for responding.

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