Help with publishing to google play store(API level 22)


Can anyone assist me? I am trying to do a simple webview app
i drag the webview to the development space, download the apk and upload to google play.
and google play says it is api level 22. Why is that so?

Hello there, I am also having the same problem. But Thunkable has already clarified that this issue will get resolved by this weekend. So I think, we have to wait for a day. Tomorrow is a Sunday. And as per thunkable promise we will be able to upload the apps to Google Play Store.

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I messaged a member of the staff who told me it was going to be a bit delayed (a few days) so keep updated !
Nice day :slight_smile:

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Haha I guess you got the correct staff. Mine just pasted a link to the main thread with no additional details ._.

They’re making all they can and you’re using their platform so you should be respectful and thankful…Anyway just wait a few more days !

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if you have embed video or any other thing in webview there is possibility that on pressing power button your video, music or other function is running background, that is against plystor policy. check it again and resolve

Is this an “Automated Email” message that Google Publisher send to you after reviewing your app ?