Help with airtable to filter data by column

Hi all
I have created a quiz that has multiple topics which are all stored in one table in airtable. I want to use one screen to present the questions from the table one by one. I have this working. However i now need to filter the topics. i have a screen that has the topics store in a listviewer. the user picks a topic and how many questions they want to attempt. This is where I cant get passed.

I can’t work out how to filter the questions and then show 1 by 1 the questions as the uses work through the quiz.
below is the code so far without a filter

Thank you

Welcome to the community @komchalachp this code below and reading through the form lost I linked at the bottom may help.

I use get all rows and then filter out rows as I don’t need them. I filter out by date and username. You could easily switch filtering for dates to filtering for a quiz name or something similar.

Do a get all rows call to airtable
Put the results into a loop
Do a if/then block for

If property (quiz name) of object j doesn’t equal var (quiz name set by user) → continue with next iteration of loop

I then extract the info I need and put it where it goes!

See this link

Hi thanks for the response.

I took the code and tried to replicate it into my own. I tried many options to filter it, however, I am still having problems with populating the questions and the answers into text boxes and buttons.

This is what I have so far