Help - When ------ initialize or changes dont works

Hello every one,

I’m trying to use a listner from my RDB but its not working, let me explain.

I have a ESP32 that write in the firebase the signal of a sensor and I want to updating my app with the realtime value. Please if someone could have a look in my blocks.


In the code above, when the ESP32 write in the way “/*****/Bombas/Recalque/onoff” the Live Web preview app dont read the value, it keeps showing the last value after initilized.


Where is dbETOS in the Firebase path? I can’t tell from your screenshot.

Have you tried something simpler? For example, when cloud variable dbETOS initializes or changes, set label's value to "changed"? Does that work, without any if/else blocks? Sometimes people complicate things by adding all of these conditions and it’s hard to tell what is and is not working. So start really simple and get that working first.

I don’t see an obvious problem with your blocks… except that Firebase might be returning the text strings “0” and “1” instead of the numbers 0 and 1 so you should test to see if that is the case.


Thanks tatiang,

I was giving tha wrong path to my FB. :upside_down_face:

Now its working fine.


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