Help translating AI2 blocks to thunkable blocks?

I made this app in AI2 but am trying to put it in thunkable since AI2 set size limits. Any help translating what these blocks would be since some of the verbiage is different? Thanks.


Variable 1 : Names
Variable 2 : myIndex
Variable 3 : Info

Turns out I was using some demo version or something where the blocks were different. Got all my blocks, except the orange ones where it has ‘global Names’ or ‘global Info’. I can’t type that in the box. Any help?

Nevermind. Got it. My app blocks look the same as they did in AI2. When I test it I’m getting this error message: The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , [0].


Ignore that. Now the only problem is that my images don’t show up when the name is picked. How do I get the images to show? (Yes, I did upload them)