Help the needy (Project completed in thunkable)


Someone’s Trash is Someone’s Treasure. Our mission is to collect your used household items ( Like - old dresses, old Kitchen Utensils & Kitchen Accessories, old Furniture etc) that is no longer add values to your home and distribute among the needy. So that poor people can upgrade their living by one step.

“Someone’s Trash is Someone’s Treasure” But, only when the trash is able to reach to the right people.

We, “Help the needy” team made a research and found that each and every family has a stock of a large number of un-used domestic items.

To maintain social status, people nowadays usually reject or try to avoid using things like - old, faded, slightly torn, wrinkled, short, stained dresses but is in good conditions, old shoes, old deformed kitchen utensils, and accessories, old unusable furniture etc.
We made a decision to collect those items from those families and distribute directly to the needed families. So that they can better use of those resources.
If you have resources among any of the above-listed items, please donate them to the needy.

We are doing a survey to configure the exact volume of those resources. Provide the details of what you can contribute to upgrading poor by one step. Give them a purpose to live their life.

Suggest your friends, relatives etc. to contribute to making a poverty less world.

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keep on the good job.

Thanks a lot

It is a great idea but as you know, the world is full of bad people who also collects personal information for fraudulent activities.
First off, your app requested access to my media, which I denied access. Your app is basically a webviewer component showing a Google Form page and it worked anyways even when I denied that permission so I couldn’t see any reason why it should have access to my storage.

Your Google Form requests some sensitive personal information that I think it’s not necessary to get in contact with the potential donor.