Help making a book-share app

I’m making an app in which users can share and borrow books. When a user adds a book, it should send the data the user has entered to Airtable. Somehow, none of the data is showing up in Airtable, so the entire purpose of the app is defeated. Any idea what to do?
Here is my code:

Any idea what to do?

What value does the green “error” block have when you run that code?

How do I find that out?
From label1 set text to error?

Yes! You should always do error handling when using Thunkable blocks with a green “error” block.

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Oh, ok. Thanks! Will check this.
Edit: This is what I received after adding the error block:
Trouble creating row: Invalid attachment object for field Image: "file:///storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Screenshots/Screenshot_20201206-211508_Office.jpg"
Do I have to upload the image to Media DB for this to work?

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Yes you would.

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Thank you!

Your image filename has to be an online url. It looks like you tried to add a file from your computer?

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Yes, I used photo library.