Help I want to create an app for my game

So I want to create an app I got everything down already but I want to set it so that when their score reach 100, the app will set the score to 50 Once only, unless a reset is press then same thing reach 100 the app will set the score to 50 Once only and then will continue counting from there, also I not sure there to post this.

This is where I’m at but it doesn’t work

Repeat 1 times doesn’t do anything and it’s not needed. Explain more about what you mean by “once only” because you’ve already mentioned that it will happen at least twice.

Give some examples of how the scoring will work based on what the user inputs.

So this game called Cabo, 4 players, Player A, Player B, Player C and Player D, so once the game end scoring happen that can be calculate manually, but the game does not end in 1 round so the game will end when one player reach a score of 100 point and the player with the lowest score wins, but if a player manages to score 100 point Exactly, it will reset the point to 50, but this only happen once per player and per game, and the game continues until one player hits 100 point.

I also not sure that’s why I need help

This is conflicting information. How can the game end when one player gets 100 points but if one player gets 100 points, their score gets reset to 50? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Is this based off of an existing game? If so, can you share a link to instructions?

I think without the repeat blocks, you probably have the right code. I just don’t understand how it’s all supposed to work.

Yes it’s an existing game
Here’s the rules, under Score Reset
For Scoring I can do manually.

If you have two players then this would be the algorithm:

set player1ScoreWasReset to false
set player2ScoreWasReset to false

If player1Score = 100 AND player1ScoreWasReset = false
      set player1Score to 50
      set player1ScoreWasReset to true

If player2Score = 100 AND player2ScoreWasReset = false
      set player2Score to 50
      set player2ScoreWasReset to true

Thank you It works Omg Yayyy

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