Help Building With In-App Purchase Capability

I am thinking of rebuilding one of my information-based apps (built in a different platform) using Thunkable and then selling it as I did last one in the app stores. However, I would only do this if I could offer access to some of the content for free and provide the option for users to in-app purchase the rest of the content. I can build the app in Thunkable but I have no idea how to “gate” some of the sections of the app until the in-aoo purchase occurs. Has anyone else done this? Is anyone available on a freelance basis to help me code this part of the app?


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Hey! I’d be happy to consult on this.

It’s not straightforward but very very doable!! I’ve had gating in a previous thunkable project and I just finished gating in a project that I built in bubble. I’d be happy to review how either of those work with you however it’s more complicated in Thunkable for sure and a different flow of events.

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@mbritt - @jared knows his stuff! I did a consulting call today and I highly recommend working with him.

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Sorry to get back to you so late, but thanks for the recommendation for Jared. Appreciate it.

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