Guide for checking if text is number

A guide to check if it is number or not

Try This-

Now working with no error!

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please tell if this guide was helpful!

very helpful
take this

i guess the topic name isnot suitable

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thank you for comment @ekansh_devs

Interesting approach. Here’s what I’d do to determine if a value is a number:

If you multiple a text string by zero you’ll get NaN or possibly null. If you multiply any number by zero, you’ll get zero.


this is also a good way to check if is number in less blocks
nice @tatiang

Thanks. One drawback of your approach is that I’m pretty sure if the last character in the text string is a number, it will evaluate the entire string as a number. So these would all be numbers:


You’d need a variable that counts the number of found numeric digits/characters and then compares that to the length of the string.


ok thanks

i have updated the image now its working

now working with no error!

now topic seems ok

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Thanks :>

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your welcome @vanilla0bean
glad you liked it

Is 123.786 a number?
Is -67 a number?

You and your outliers! :laughing:

Me and my maps!

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if you want to add . and -
just add it in the list of numbers