Gratitude post for the Thunkable Community

Hi peeps,

I just wanted to say I appreciate y’all. It’s been quite a journey learning to build cool things with Thunkable over the past year or so. I’ve gotten a lot of help from the community when I’ve been stuck, and many people have taken time to help me troubleshoot and figure things out. So thank you.

As a gesture of gratitude I wanted to share a resource I created, in the hope that it will assist some of you in building excellent music apps. It’s a collection of the full range of a grand piano as MP3 files.

I’ve popped em up as a free download on a little site I made.

Would love to hear if you make something from them. Let me know yo.


Thank you for your nice words and thanks for the notes wishing you an ever growing progress.


OMG! I was literally just looking for piano notes to download for an app I’m making and then I saw your post! Thank you!
I have also picked up so much from the Community and couldn’t be more thankful for all the help.


I’d do my best now.

I’ll show all the things to teacher!


Nice, good timing!