GPT-3 Demo - Connect to GPT-3 with Thunkable!

GPT-3 is now available for anyone! I signed up at yesterday so i could get my api_key. In a couple of hours, i was connected! i’m having a blast playing with this thing! Here are a few screenshots of what i’ve been playing with it.
GPT-3 works by processing your prompt and it will try to interpret it according to its training. You will soon realize that the formulation of prompts is important.

(note: the slider you see controls the number of tokens - 10 tokens is about 7.5 words – to be generated, the slider max is 512. if you need more you may have to change it to an input entry).

you can see why i’m excited. i’ve been playing with the Completions endpoint as that’s the one that’s most popular because GPT-3 generates text “out of nowhere” and always in context. to see what kinds of things you can do with GPT-3, browse the examples at the openai website i gave above.

the program is so ridiculously short and easy - because everything is done by the API:

i’m sharing the link to my project here:

Note that it won’t work though - until you plug in your api-key at the start of the block.

is it free to sign up? what’s the catch? it’s free to sign up (a telephone number is required) and you are given a credit of $18 worth of tokens to use for 3 months. you get charged by the amount of tokens and engine usage you get - it’s all explained in the website - but just to give you an idea - i’ve spent 4 hours using it while using thunkable and my account stats said i’ve used up $0.28! (28 cents!). of course when you start generating thousands of words, it increases accordingly. the website has more details. but i don’t foresee even getting close to $18 when my 3-month trial passes. i’ll decided what to do then.

if you just want to play with GPT-3 and not use the API, you can go to the playground (you still have to sign up though)

ultimately, the quality of generated text depends on the way you input your prompt. (the ones i used above are boring!) people are now talking about prompt engineering, strategies for formulating the best prompts and already, there are dozens of links available on this subject. here are my favorites: