Google Sheets Havesine in Thunkable / almost converted

Hey hey everyone ,

I’ve been working on executing the Google sheets havesine formula to the highest level in Thunkable.

When building a current app and converting to yards , I’ve found the current ones weren’t 100%.

Almost there.

I have it broken down to the point where it needs to combine


And find the Atan2.

The first part last calc seems simple but it doesn’t calculate correctly.

I also used the formula of a young man who created the Atan2, it doesn’t seem to be working as well.

I have included the link with of the details from another solid thunker I’ve been corresponding with.

I kept getting different data in Thunkable than Google sheets.

Would love to solve this one. So close to full conversion.

I’m removing your link to our private messages but including a link to your original topic. It’s best to add details to the existing topic rather than starting a new one. That way, people have the background info that you’ve already discussed here.

Original topic: Haversine Formulas (Or ACOS/COS/SINor SQT) Not functioning with Sensor Location