Google Maps stops placing markers after 10 minutes

I was doing a test with my app which involves a location sensor and google maps which places a marker of where the user is every ~60 seconds, After about 10 minutes the app stopped placing markers, I made sure that the data source that I was using was empty before testing and made sure that the screen was always on.

How should I fix this so that the app works for at least an hour?

Here Is the code I have when testing:

Many Thanks, Levi.

Is this me using up all of thunkables account storage, Do I have to upgrade?

Many Thanks, Levi.

Can you try using a timer to control these actions instead of loops?

So I should get rid of the loop and replace it with a timer that keeps repeating, correct?

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How should I do that, I still want it to send the location of the player every set about of time without the users having to do that manually.

Many Thanks, Levi

use a timer, put your blocks in the timers "on fire’ block

Can You send me a screenshot of the “on fire” Block, I can’t find it.

Many Thanks, Levi

Can you send me a screenshot of how to do that? :grinning: