Getting "null" value from Firebase Realtime DB when trying to display in app

In my app, I take data from my realtime DB in firebase and display values into my thunkable app. Earlier, it was working fine, but all of a sudden now my display labels show “null” values even though the firebase realtime db is working fine. Here is a snapshot of my code that is supposed to retrieve data:

One thing that may be wrong is that I do not have an addlistener, however i’m not sure how it works. Any help is appreciated.

You should always error check when there is a green error block. You can set it up so that if [error] then set label’s text to error.

After 30 days, Firebase locks the database and you have to modify the rules (permissions). Could that be what happened?

Also, are you sure your data is formatted as an object of an object?


I used the if error then method, I got nothing, also how would I know my db is locked, since I tested the rules in rules playground and they allow read and write from my desired location.

Object of an object? What does that mean, how can I make sure that is how its formatted??

@tatiang do i need an addlistener? and is there a problem with my coding i showed in the screenshot?