Get the last entry in local table


Im looking to get the last value (most recent addition) from a local table and output it to a text box - can you advise where im going wrong ( occurence is empty at the moment but have tried a few text values to no avail) feels like i need an object Value here

value here will be updated dynamically from another page

One option is to simply store the new value in a variable whenever you change it. Then you can just reference that variable.

Another is:

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Thanks Tatiang
I did try this but seems to pull through all values still (if this looks correct)


Tried both of these, but get the same result


looks like i didnt follow instruction properly @tatiang your advice was spot on, i added an extra list block , removed and now working

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Yep, you found the culprit!

The [list of values] block is already a list so it’s redundant (and problematic) to make it into a list with that extra block.

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