Get Json data (json array)

I’m having below Json data.

What is the easy way to get the keys contained by pubkey?

In the end I should have a list that contains:

Any help is appreciated.


Sample on scrJSON


@actech thanks for feedback.
Maybe I was not clear in my original question. What I need to get is to get the key names not their values.
I updated original post also with a picture showing the JSON file.
I know how to do it by taking this string from pubkey:{“123456789a”:{},“123456789b”:{}} and then:
1.remove from this " ->{123456789a:{},123456789b:{}}
2.remove first char and last 4 chars->123456789a:{},123456789b
3.split it into a list by “:{},”

I tought there is a diferent way/more easy way to do this.

On my screen, there is a “Complex” button that displays a list of keys when clicked. And for this purpose, the “get object properties of” block is used.

In order not to mislead you, I changed the label “Complex” on the button to “Get keys”.