Get current Html source code in the Webviewer

Hi it’s possible to get the crurent Html source of the current page in the Web viewer?

For exemple the page is a form to a external site i need get the data user enter in this page.

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You should be able to use come custom java script inside the webviewer for that. As to the actual JS I do not know.

Hi i have try to use Injected Javascript but it doesn’t work.
How to use Java ?

That’s something we can’t really help with with.
Learning javascript can be long and hard.

There are a lot of tutorials out there like w3Schools or mdn to learn javascript.

Good luck!

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If the form is using client side script then you can retrieve the values but you will have to cheat the iframe element to do that.

If in the other hand, the form issuing server side scripts then, no way.

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Java and javascript are 2 different languages I master javascript no problem. How to cheat the ifram? Thunkable’s iframe allows cross domain ?

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Will try to create an example getting data from a form that is from another domain.


Thank you @muneer, will try me too

Hi , anyone have a clue ? I tried to contact the support who ask me to ask on the forum.

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