🎉 Gaming components now available for Thunkable ✕ 2019-09-10

September was another incredible month in the Thunk Tank - just take a look at our Insta to see what we get up to when we’re not making cross-platform app development more accessible than ever!

:bookmark: Release Notes

This is one of our biggest releases ever so take a look at our release notes for a more detailed description of everything that’s included in this release.

:robot: Thunkable Live for Android

You’ll need v. 101 of the Live Companion app, head over to the Play Store to make sure you’re up-to-date. Also, please consider leaving us :star::star::star::star::star: if you like our Android app!

:apple: Thunkable Live for iOS

The most recent version is in the App Store now. While there are some known issues with iOS 13 on certain devices, we’re working hard to get a fix out for everyone.

:rocket: Date Input

The new Date Input (formerly known as a “date picker”) shows an Android or iOS date input to your users and then lets you use this data in your apps.

:rocket: Time Input

The Time Input component, which some of you might know as a “time picker”, allows you to display a native time input component to your users and to use this input in your blocks.

:rocket: PDF Reader

One of our most requested components is the PDF Reader which allows you to read local PDF files directly in your app, without the need for a third-party reader. The PDF Reader also supports pinch to zoom gestures.

:rocket: Canvas

Since Thunkable ✕ first launched you’ve been asking for a canvas to build your own games with. The canvas comes with its own physics engine so creating engaging, 2D games for mobile devices is now just a click away.
When you add the Canvas component to your project, you will see a brand new Canvas Tab appear, between the Design tab and the Blocks tab. This tab is used when working with the components that are displayed on the canvas.

In addition to creating a new tab in your project, adding a canvas component will also create 6 new blocks drawers in your blocks tab. The Events, Motion, Looks, Direction, Sensing and Add & Remove drawers are highlighted below.

:rocket: Sprites

It’s now easier than ever to create “classes” of allies or enemies in your app with the newly released Sprites component. Use blocks to spawn or destroy sprites, or simply drag and drop as many custom characters as you want into your canvas.

:bug: Scrollable Property

There was a small bug with the “scrollable” property of the Screen component that should now be fixed.

:hammer_and_wrench: Import Keystore

To reduce the friction involved in migrating from Classic to Thunkable X we’ve added a new section to project properties which allows you to import keystore files. If you’re updating an app on Google Play we have a full explainer in our docs.

Sample Games

To get you started with the new Canvas and Gaming components here are 3 games for you to copy and remix for yourselves:

:one: Download and remix the Maze game

:two: Download and remix Pong

:three: Download and remix Flappybird


I hope that row scrollable will be also came without using trick.


We’re working on that at the moment @BlueWhaleYT! :smiley:


Yes!If we can make the row scrollable,it will has more fun for the app!

Even now, I can’t get the screen scrolling properly :confused:

But, I trick the Platform to do :smile: -

  • I take a column, set it’s width to 100% & height to :

    (making height to 100% won’t work.)

  • Set it’s scrollable property to true :white_check_mark:

  • Just make sure, that you set the screen’s scrollable property to false :x:

You are good to go! :wink:

I hope the developers will try to fix this soon :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

I must say the date picker is a pretty darn cool feature!


I hope that soon thunkable x has a stand alone software or alone browser that will run fast for coding with blocks :smile:

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Yes, It is now only! :tada:
Because none of the builders support iOS currently :smile:

Also, none of them have such large designing properties :star_struck:

It is, but when large blocks come, it slows a bit :slight_smile:
Else, It’s the best one :wink:

**Thanks! :blush: **

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