Function parameters in general

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I’m just curious why use function parameters at all?
Why not avoid the function to begin with and just place the concatenation, as in the screen shot I provided, into the label to save code?

That’s not a great example of using a function to simplify code. I’d say it’s fine either way.

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What is a good argument for function parameters?

The most obvious answer to me is that a function should handle repetitive code by reducing the number of blocks needed.

So if I find myself re-using a set of blocks, I might make it into a function. Or if I need to run those blocks over and over with different input values, I might make it into a function.

Not the function itself, the parameters.

What is the significance of having them?

Parameters allow you to run the same function multiple times with different inputs.

Let’s say I wanted to take an image url stored in Cloudinary, convert it so that the image is cropped and scaled and set to a lower file size as well, and then share that url in an email message using an API to send it. I could make the url the parameter of the function that does all of that and for any image I wanted to run through that process, I could just call the function block with that image’s url.

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