Fun Share: Unit Converter (universal)

i would like to share my (universal) unit converter. universal because it is based on a dynamic table that groups the units by category and because it uses the same process for converting practically any unit category!

here are some snapshots

the first screen shows what units of measurement are available to play with. the program derives it from the conversion table (in google sheet format, see below).

the 2nd screen shows what you get after selecting length from the first screen then doing an actual conversion - simply select the FROM and TO units and enter the value to convert, then press Submit.

the 3rd screen is a bonus (from a previous app of mine) - it allows for changing the color scheme of the app.

below is the contents of the conversion table, stored in a google sheet.

the conversion process is actually very simple. for example, in screen 2 above, in order to convert 1 mile to feet, calculate the following

number_to_convert * unit_val_of_TO_unit / unit_val_of_FR_unit

1 * 3.28083989501312 / 0.000621371192237334

this works for all entries in the table except for temperature. if you examine the code later, you will see how temperature is handled in a special way…

here is the link to the google sheet (the app is already pointing to it)

and here is the link to the thunkable app for remixing:

you can include additional unit categories in the same way the table has been built. there are many unit catgories you can try (i got this list from wikipedia)

fluid volume
dry volume
mass and weight
cooking measures