Fun Share: Google Login and Calendar -> make oAuth calls to any google endpoint!

Have you ever wanted to have your users be able to sign in using an oAuth provider like google?

Check out this fun project

This allows users to authenticate with google, link a google calendar account to the app, and then view your google account events on a usable embedded calendar on your phone!

Ask me about it!


This looks interesting!
I see you used webview with for the Calendar section.
Would the webview be a good choice for a published app? Does it works for iOS as well?

Edit: would it also be possible to make it an offline script? (maybe an html asset)


Probably, I’ve no experience publishState a calendar with this but if I guess I’d say yes. Remember, that’s just a guess.



How did you make the login screen, did you use GCP? or GAS ?

Hey @tony.ycy.program , thanks for the question!

I created a project in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and then setup an oAuth consent screen. I used firebase hosting to host the redirect screen which consists of a button and a few lines of code. On the GCP I created a set of oAuth 2.0 credentials for a web app.

What is GAS?

Google app scrpt

Ahh. Nope. I use Firebase functions to handle initial access tokens and refreshing them.

App script is cool too but I’m more comfortable in a nodeJS environment.

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