Fun Share: Dalle-Mini with Thunkable using Replicate's API

i have to say it up front, before you try - you need a Github account to sign up with, in order to get an API key - i looked but there seems to be no other option.

anyway,i was able to connect with thunkable (see link below). use of the API is not free but since i was using the cpu option, it’s the cheapest pricing but it takes time to run. (just to give you an idea - i was extremely busy last week when i was trying to make it run and i was making several web api calls a minute just to get things right - and i only got billed for $1.75 - your mileage may vary). if you explore Replicate, there are tons of services you can use in the AI spectrum.

here are some screen shots.

here’s some documentation on how to use the api from Replicate

(if you just want to play with dalle-mini, go here:


Nice! The DALL•E API is free as far as I can tell. I’ve been using it for a while and haven’t had to pay. But then again, I don’t send it many requests. I tend to use Stable Diffusion much more.

I think DALL•E is the source that Thunkable’s built-in image generation blocks use but I haven’t gotten confirmation of that yet: OpenAI ChatGPT Now Available in Thunkable with Our New Integration - #6 by tatiang (top post: OpenAI ChatGPT Now Available in Thunkable with Our New Integration)

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Great work! Congratulations! :clap:

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