Fun Share: Big 5 Personality Test

i would like to share my big 5 personality test app. i have always been interested in what makes people tick. you can find out about your personality too by taking this test (only 50 questions, to be done in one sitting). have your spouse/partner/friend do the same and compare notes and look for compatibility challenges!

here’s the project link:

and here are a few screen shots.


It was fun to take this test. A few suggestions:

  1. Have a question # or progress indication visible. Something like 18/50 so we know where we are in the process.

  2. At the end, it says “Next item will be at start.” I don’t know what that means.

  3. It should prompt you or automatically take you to the results when you complete the 50 questions.

  4. The graph showed up partly off screen for me:

I was able to drag the image to my desktop to view it.


thanks for the suggestions. it certainly needs progress status (at the minimum, the sequence number). at the end, the message indicates that it’s starting at 1 again, you may change the answers to any question. i’m still debating this option - it may be best to offer a prompt for viewing the chart. i can never be sure about the chart dimension and scale because i can only test on my android (or desktop).
thanks again!

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i have a newer version:

  1. this one shows a progress bar as you go through the test questions.
  2. i decided to keep the Plot Score option at the Home Page because it does a lot of computation before it sends the summary to the chart plotter. when the test taker reaches the end, he is guided back to Home so he can press the button for charting.
  3. i removed the hard coded chart dimensions in the chart query hoping it will automatically size to the device’s dimension when it’s time to display.

thanks for the suggestions.


The new version’s chart looks the same as I posted above in a web browser but in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11, it looks correct – just like the one you posted.