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Announcing Thunkable Adcelerator

Starting on September 2nd we’re launching Thunkable Adcelerator. This is our accelerator program for Thunkers who want to learn the best practices for implementing AdMob in their apps and get tips on the best ways to grow revenue in your apps.

What You Get

  • 1 Month of Thunkable PRO
  • Weekly video call with a member of the Thunkable team
  • Peer support group
  • Tips and Best practices for AdMob implementation
  • We review your apps
  • Store listing masterclass

What You Need

  • An AdMob account
  • Some Thunkable ✕ experience
  • Motivation to grow your app
  • Google Play and/or Apple Developer account
  • Great communication skills

How to Apply.

Simply fill in this form

We’ll contact all applicants on Monday to let them know whether or not they have been accepted to the program.


This is so awesome. I wanna sign up but the form keeps giving permission error

Thanks for letting me know, @jxbclothes69gc7 - this should be fixed now. Please refresh and try again.

Thanks to everyone who has applied so far, the applications will be open until Sunday and successful applicants will be notified on Monday.

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Lots of applicants already for September so please don’t be disappointed if you aren’t accepted this time - judging by the volume of interest we’ll be running this again in October.

Also, some of you have submitted incomplete applications. Check your inboxes for follow up questions that you need to complete.

Thanks for the interest!

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Wow! we were completely over-subscribed for the first round of AdCelerator. Thank you to everyone who applied and helped share the word.

We’re reviewing the applications and will be in touch with the successful applicants later today.