Free eBook Template

Hello everyone! I’ve noticed a few requests for this so I thought I’d put together a quick template for this. Thanks to @Andres_Cotes for his fantastic sidebar and action bar extensions.

There are four chapters, but you can easily add more. Here are a few different potential icons. Or you can just leave that text blank if you don’t want an icon.

Each chapter is actually just a list item and they are all displayed using a single vertical scroll arrangement and label.
You can adjust padding, margins, font size really easily because there is only one label used.

Finally, there’s a little settings menu and settings page which you can develop if you like.

Here’s the aia for your to experiment with:
eBook_template.aia (764.5 KB)


Hi… I’m interested in this app. I wanna ask, how can i insert some image between the paragraphs?

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@Mister_X, You could swap out the label for a webviewer of your know HTML, or alternatively you could use several labels and images instead.

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