Free admob for students

i used the classical thunkable version to make app with admob…but now in thunkable x version they are saying i need to pay to use admob…I’m a student and I don’t have money but i have a great idea of an app to publish. i think admob should be free to use…or there should be a free trial at least for 1 week or a month…

As far as I know you need Thunkable Pro membership to use certain things such as Admob.

Why not pay monthly for a Pro membership? If your app really is that good lots of people will use it and you’ll make enough money to cover a full year’s membership cost.

I’m a student…my parents can’t afford my education cost…so I’ve been managing it making money online…i used the classical thunkable version to make app with admob and had success with few apps…I’ve some new app ideas I want to make them in the new thunkable x version…but it says i can’t use afmob for free…i don’t have money to use here…all the money i make goes directly to my education or i help my families with financial problem…can anyone help me getting the pro version or is there a way to get it free…if you are a developer reading this i want to say that please make admob free…if that’s not possible…then at least make a trial version…thanks in advance.

I can understand your position, and i don’t work for thunkable, but if they did not charge for at least a couple features, they too would be in the same position as you.

This also takes extra work on the Thunkable team to review each and every app that has adds to make sure they don’t violate terms of service with admob. It this was free to anyone they would be doing this all day every day. This costs money too.


hello will thunkable x make it free to use admob…students like me are willing to use admob…i can’t afford the pro version…so I’m like begging you to make the admob free or at least make a free trial system…thanks.

Hey @allinone04723g - just out of curiosity, where will you be publishing your Thunkable apps?

Do you have any examples of Thunkable X apps that you’ve created already?

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on play store

i made simple apps like putting a browser and link a website and some admob that’s it…thanks.

Thanks! Can you share a link to your Play store profile here please?

For example, here’s Thunkable’s:



why…i mean there’s no problem giving you the link. but why do you need it?

you want to review the apps? well i don’t think putting some cartoon and anime downloader website violate terms of service with admob

Calm down, there’s no need to get so defensive. If you’ve created apps using Thunkable it’s only natural the developers would like to know. It’s great finding out what your users are doing.

Most people would jump at the chance to advertise their apps. It seems strange you want to keep yours a secret.

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I’m not keeping it a secret…there’s nothing to advertise. i already told you that my apps are simple with only one screen. only website linked browser was used on the first screen and some banner ad that’s it. the language is native also. i wonder how showing my apps to the developers is an advertisement

If you don’t want to share your apps that’s fine. But it makes people think you’ve got something to hide. Especially since you keep going on about how simple they are.

ok let’s be honest. though my financial situation is the same as i said but i was faking everything else. i thought they might give me a free membership if i tell them that i had success with some apps. when he said he wanted to see the apps i created. i thought he was checking if i was faking or not that’s why i got so btw i really want to make apps like the one i said and publish it on play store and app store. that’s why i was looking for a free membership. saw some Indian guys on youtube making a lot of money from this kind of apps. after all hey @domhnallohanlon a free membership would be great, thanks.

Something about your original story didn’t add up. You claimed to have simple apps with ads in them. Google don’t allow such apps with Minimal Functionality and can actually go as far as banning developer accounts. That’s why it seemed a little strange you could have them.

As for a free membership, if Thunkable gave you one they would have to give it to everyone as well. There’s nothing special about you that you deserve a free membership while everyone else pays. Their reputation would suffer and they could open themselves up to law suits. All customers need to be treated equally and they can’t charge some people and not others.

@allinone04723g, keep an eye out on social media. Some lucky winners recently recieved 1-month free PRO accounts on twitter. If your app was built already, this would allow you to publish your app with admob for free. In that time, you could download your apk with ads in it, and distribute the app however you please like sharing a download link. This would allow you to circumvent the developer fee