First app " life hacks" feedback

finaly my first app " life hacks" has reached its last step, big thanks to all those cute guys who helped me in it , and special thanks to @tthompson41231 to helping me so much, it was not possible without your help,i learned alot about thunkable coz of you , so the 50% of credit goes to him,
here is my app “lifehacks” apk link*

and please givve a feedback here , i will realy appreciate


Congrats! Do you have any screenshots you can post? Is it published yet? I don’t have an Android phone but would love to check it out a bit.

i one have question about thunkable planes , let spose if i buy pro plan, it will remove the thunkable logo branding on startup and add mine, right, but what if the plane expires, will this impact on my obb file which i have already published it

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Nope, you have to buy the Teams plan ( which 200$/month ) to remove thunkable’s Splash Screen.
It might sound very bad but still it’s the harsh reality… :cry:
PRO Plan apps would still contain those Thunkable Splash Screen’s.