Firebase rules ok on webpreview not ok on live test or with apk

hi and happy new year everybody

I use minimum security rules like below

on the web preview I can read and write data on the other hand in live test I no longer have access to the data yet a headache in perspective !
I thought using the sign in component and cloud variables to read or write to the database was enough.
it only works in web preview mode I don’t know what else to do

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Can you explain more?

You need to share your codes or if you can have minimal project that can reproduce the situation so I can use it and test it in a demo database from my side using your rules.


your support means that I took a closer look at the blocks that I thought I would submit to you and it turns out that the email I use for potential users was truncated and therefore did not match the email saved in firebase (there is no personal or reserved data in my database so I connect all users with the same email)
on the other hand, I would like to know why it worked in web preview
so now it’s ok in live test and with the apk :upside_down_face:

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Hello @bibbi
When you are in web view you are actually using your GMail account and you are already signed in to the web browser and most probably you are using the same email for your Firebase console where you are the owner of the database and therefore you can access the information. When you use your downloaded APK, it will not use the email sign-in in the browser and therefore you need to sign-in to the database to read the data.

Hope the explanation is clear.

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