Firebase rules for authenticated users?

I’ve read a bunch of posts here and elsewhere about Firebase rules but I can’t seem to get them to work for me.

Here are the rules I am trying to use:

// Checks auth uid equals database node uid
// In other words, the User can only access their own data

  "rules": {
    "posts": {
       "$uid": {
         ".read": "$uid === auth.uid",
         ".write": "$uid === auth.uid"

I’d like to give a signed in user using this block access to only their stored data:

But I think the problem is that there is no $uid created by the SignUp block in the legacy interface.

So how should I adjust the rules?

Here’s how my Firebase database looks:

[database name]
     -[email address]
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You just need to call the sign in block after sign up.

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I use the SignIn block on a separate screen and I can successfully login as a user I created. But the user doesn’t have access to any of the data in Firebase from what I can tell.

What data are you trying to call (exact cloud variable path) and what exactly do your rules say?

Okay, I think I got it. For some reason, I was overlooking the green UserID block because I initially didn’t need it. But once I secured my rules, I did need it.