Firebase or JSON

So I am building a employee portal app for my work. In a nutshell I’m wanting to store a massive amount of data in a db. The use will open the app, a setup screen gets the users language & work site. Sites span over a dozen states and several sites per state. Each site has its own data it will show users. Policy, supervisor contacts, holiday schedule, exc… I’m wanting to know several things. For assets I’m using Google cloud. But for a data I’m wanting the app to show data associated with each individual site. Would firebaseDB be my best option or would jason?


Short answer
JSON stored on the Firebase realtime DB via cloud variables sounds like a good solution.

Long Answer
I presume you mean Java Script Object Notation (JSON).

Firebase had several cloud-based services. The Firebase Realtime Database is a JSON repository which is integrated into Thunkable using “cloud” variables. Firestore is database with more queryingcapabilities. It would require using some sophisticated Web API calls to use in Thunkable.

Notwithstanding the Thunkable integration issues, hierarchical data as you have described is well suited to JSON. The only challenge is that is doesn’t support queries per se. But it does support look ups when keys are known.

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So I got firebase up and working. I was expecting it to send json data back but it didn’t. It sent back plain text. It’s unexpected but I’m happy because it makes my job easier. I put in “test” in the firebase console field and got back “test” I love it.


Firebase is kind of tricky in its response. If you are querying and end node then it will give you the content (value) of the node.

However, if you are querying a key that has sub-keys or a list then the response will come in a form of JSON object.

Should you require more explanation then the expert of the group is @drted.

Happy Thunking

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I’m lucky about 75% of this app will be end point values. Unfortunately the main feature of my app will not be an end pont. :frowning:. Looks like json will drive me crazy.

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As issues come up, feel free to post questions. I have an extensive library of JSON helper functions

JSON can be intimidating but honestly the hardest part is the variance in JSON responses. Since you’re building your own JSON structure in Firebase, there is no variance and it’s pretty straightforward to be able to help you with choosing the right blocks to parse any key.


:sunglasses: obrigados pelas dicas, sou novo no thunkable

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