Firebase automatically deletes previous tags when I upload new, different ones



Hello everyone,

I’m uploading a ‘complex’ structure made of different objects to firebase:


but when I upload a new entry, a new “Ordine …blablabla” even if it’s different from the previous one it deletes the preexisting one, why?


Help please


It would have to be uploaded as Ordine del (change the date) and then it should save it. If you try and save a new value under the Ordini/Ordine del 11\7\2019 delle Ore 18:38 it will just replace the Ordine. It would also help to see a screenshot of the blocks that are saving to firebase.


It’s a different ‘Ordine del…’ it changes the hour



That is odd. And it is only changing the child node Ordine?


I was probably using objects in the wrong way (I knew it was too good to be true :cry:).

If I save every firebase entry one by one, using set cloud pattern to value
or db save, it works