Firebase and x.thunkable blocks

hello I have the same problem with x.thunkable I could not create the blocks for this

my app is for android and ios

my database is in firebase

someone to help me finish?

for what I want in ios you can see in the android app that I already have in play store

rocksolid countertops

You can create more and interact in the app as well as this example:

login employees (administrator creates all employed users)
users: gustavo
password: 1222

login employees (seller creates customers users and uploads 4 photos and notes)
user: justin
password: 1001

login employees (cutter creates photo and complementary note)
user: mendez
password: 1003

login employees (manufacturer creates photo and complementary note)
user: pony
password: 1002

login employees (installer creates photo and complementary note)
user: roberto
password: 1004

login employees (supervisor creates complementary note)
user: marc
password: 1005

login employees (manager creates additional note)
user: nano
password: 1006

login customer (see information and create supplementary note)
user: 2018
password: 2018


Hi @gustavo_gutierrez,

I’m not sure it’s such a great idea to publicly disclose an admin username and password like this?

If you’re trying to create a login system in Thunkable I’d recommend you get started with our sample app, Gram.

thanks Domhnall, because really what I am looking for is that somebody can help me to make the blocks in x.thunkable to finish my project, I only need that to publish it in ios.

and the users and passwords of the database is only in beta test, I will put security and erase what is already done.

If you can help me please tell me if and how much it will cost me in money, thank you very much again.

remember this in x.thunkable the design of the app