Firebase and Json multiple record

if I have to fill a listview with firebase data as image attached; what kind of list blocks do I have to use?




To access Firebase nodes, use the path through /, as it does to access files in Windows. Imagine that “Negozi” is the C drive. After that, build the path to the “1” folder.

yes ok but my question was different: one time I selected the right tree … which blocks of list I have to use to loop the data and show them in my listview?

You have a Negozi node. Add to it /, and use the loop to get child nodes. Get all this data in the list and then assign it to the List Viewer.

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Hi @actech, do you mind posting an example of blocks that show this?

I’m trying to do a similar thing but finding it difficult to work out how to actually construct the blocks.

I will do this if you give me a link in a private message to your project and the data to access Firebase.

Thanks, I’ve sent you a private message.

Hi @MMP and @actech , im looking for solutions as MMP describe in this topic. Are you able to share your blocks to get data from structure of realtime db?


I need to get data (name of customer) into list viewer. Im not able to figure out how to set way to details in child of each customer, because i use variable for first child (you can see on image), but the second child is create by textimput.

Thanks a lot!

Hi - Could I please see the blocks for this aswell?


Did you get a response or a workaround to your problem?

I am facing the same issues - would be great if someone could share their blocks.

Thank you!