Firebase/Airtable: Automated deletion run

Hi everyone,

i am currently investigating how an automated deletion run could work, since we’re trying to build an application that matches people interested in a lunch date (at work).
Currently the users launches a lunch request and variables like Name, Surname, email address, location etc. are stored within airtable. Other users see the request when opening the app and can confirm in case they’re also looking for a date.
Since this overview has to be daily up to date, we would need an automated (overnight) deletion run.
Do you guys have any idea how this could look like?

Many thanks for your help!

Hey @69e074768e4c49 that sounds like a great name for an app.

The Spreadsheet component has a deleteRow block that might work for you if you were to set up an admin account or admin portal in your app, and then once a day delete rows based on their date?


The other thing of course, is that maybe you don’t need to delete any date? Perhaps you can set up a master sheet with all the dates and then have a second sheet that just pulls in the dates for that particular day?

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