Firabase call does not work

The following image show the database and Pair with a “Key” AAA and the Value after the colon
I am uncertain how to call and get response in this case… The URL is correct but still just mumbo jumbo int the error response. Status = 200


Any ideas?

Can you show the error?

Why are you using an API call with Firebase? Is there something special you’re doing to retrieve data? Is there a reason you’re not just using cloud variables to get the data?

What is the full path to the “AAA” key?

The user should write AAA in a textbox and “submit”
The answer should be everything coming after the colon (:slight_smile:
So, i need to specify the URL to this FB DB - That is done.

Given the the question you are stating - there is another way of doing this?
there are 10 thousand variables… So how can i set system to pick the correct one without a API call…?

Set Label’s Text to cloud variable [Text Input’s text]

That will do what you want. You do have to be careful because an incorrect entry by the user will crash your app. So you’ll also need to check that what they type is a valid key name in your Firebase database. But for now, please try my suggestion and let me know if it works for you.

These two lines of blocks should do the same thing:

Hello @stefansladdeneng1!
Also, you will need to add these Firebase settings to the project settings

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Of course :smiley: woking fine now

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