Find first of a non existent item still causes deletion

I am looking up an item in a list, an item I have just removed. I expect it to return 0 so that the next remove that I try will not do anything, but in fact it removes another item.
Ex. select “book2” in the ListViewer, click “COButton”, it removes “book2” at index 2 appropriately. However, if I click the “COButton” again, it then removes “book3”. That does not make sense to me.

I am testing in the browser, not the phone.


Sure enough, removing the 0th item from a list in fact removes an existing item:

I’m guessing this bug has been reported before but I couldn’t find it on the forums.

You’ll have to use an if/then block to first check if the item is found and then remove it only if it’s found.


It seemed to me you are duplicating efforts. You already saved the index of the book you want removed so in the in list .... remove # just use app variable BookViewerIndex which actually points to the item to be removed.