"Find Block" feature when building apps

It sure would be nice to have a “FInd” feature when building apps. I’ve spent hours in my app trying to find a block the should read “False”, instead of “true”. My app has hundreds of long, complex blocks and sifting through each block trying to find 1 mistake is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

If the feature was FIND Block: text.enabled = true, that would made life a whole lot easier.

Hello @bobbyj

I guess you are talking about your previous query :point_down:

So, can you share aia file as already suggested by @Boban_Stojmenovic or if you are not able to share the aia file, then a screenshot of your blocks will also do the work so that other members will be able to find out the mistake if any.
I am telling this because it often happens that, the person who has written the code is not able to find out the mistake in his own project. But the scenario is different if the same project is given to others for troubleshooting. :wink:

(Also you should have continued this in your previous topic and there was no need to create a different topic as subject contained in both the topics is same)

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This is kinda related. The first post I figured out. I have a request requesting itself. this post is in hopes that the developers at thunkable could put this feature in the application. It would be nice to click Find Block and the application go right to it.

Sorry, we can’t help you unless you atleast share some image of your blocks here or in your other topic.