Field Survey app powered by Google Maps and Airtable

Hey Thunkers,

For all you city and mapping enthusiast, here is a first take at a field survey app, now part of the Featured Apps part of the Gallery. The app let you collect information on broken sidewalks and add the data to a map.

We are excited about the future possibilities including the ability to further secure/validate the data with an upcoming blockchain component and to customize the markers that are shown on the map (instead of the current defaults).

View the Field app

With a little work, you can customize this app for surveying anything in the field. Data points are stored in an Airtable spreadsheet that you can view here.

The app also features a lightweight sign-in option that simply requires users to type in a single uniform password (“dhaka”); no back-end data connection necessary.

We look forward to seeing how you remix this!

The app is created in partnership with the Urban Launchpad, an org building low-cost tools for cities everywhere.


Ooh I love this! I want to remix this for my sandwich spotting app.

hola !!! esto es lo que buscaba … estoy intentando una pantalla de pedido así como esta que selecciona mi ubicación y me la pase a dirección y ponga nombre, celular, email, producto 1 o producto 2 y se guarde en airtable se levantó un pedido después sacarla de airtable a correo o buscaré opciones
ayuda !!! soy nuevo en eso y estoy buscando tutorial de esto