Fiasco plataforma cross

Sinto-me enganado, depois de ter perdido tempo a manusear esta plataforma, não me fornecem a app para IOS quando quero. Dizem que o servidor está muito ocupado. Mas se quiser pagar 21 euros por mês já não está, isto é o mais barato, o outro pacote custa 42 mensais. Adeus e obrigado vou me virar exclusivamente para Android onde tenho melhor e mais barato: free.

Sorry to hear it didn’t meet your needs. I haven’t experienced the server being busy often but I did eventually pay for a Pro account so that I could do web publishing. You really don’t need a Pro account to use Thunkable. If you like the tool, I encourage you to stick around. I think this is a problem that just started and the staff will need to fix it. But it’s the weekend so it may take a couple of days.


Hi @santos19483t8

Thanks for the feedback. As Tatiang mentions above the iOS build servers are typically very reliable.

Yesterday however, there was a bit of a backlog and after some further investigation we discovered that additional work was needed.

You can see from our status page that the iOS build servers are currently under maintenance:

If you check back in a little while we should have this issue resolved and you should be able to build your app as usual.