[FEEDBACK NEEDED] Drag and Drop (DnD) vs. Snap to Place (StP)

I have existing app on PlayStore which is built in StP and it has more than 50K. I would like to convert it to DnD but there is no option.
I can import the Keystore and save screens to DnD but would you give me a permanent private project because my app is a permanent private?

Hello @Hayder!
It is possible to convert a project from StP to DnD but you need to have access to our Beta testing. Beta testing is included in our Pro plan and above. If you are interested in joining Beta testing, you can do so by upgrading your plan here.
In addition, you will need to have a paid plan in order to access private projects.

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Hello @ioannis
I have two questions:

  1. If I have a permanent private app on StP, is it possible to have one in DnD?
  2. If I upgrade to pro for one month, will my private app remain private even after one month or it will return to public?

I like my app “Guidy” to be a permanent private as it is now.

If I don’t have a permanent private app in DnD because I have one in StP, then I will stick to StP :joy:

Hello @Hayder
Only with paid plans, you can have private projects.
If you have a paid plan and then you cancel it, your private projects will continue being private but they will be in read-only mode.

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Needs to have sound control, volume control in DND.

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Hello @yunggun!
I can’t find any blocks to adjust the volume on DnD. The blocks for sound control are the same on StP and DnD. Which blocks do you mean?

After the Launch of Layouts, whoever is used to rows and columns can switch to this component in DnD

I keep seeing people refer to the volume property of the sound component…

DnD is Best. It helps me to make Better UI

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I have an app that I am still waiting to convert, but there is no volume control in DnD yet. I have placed the request a while ago. still waiting for this feature which is critical to the app. thanks.