I can't convert StP project into DnD

I saw a thread on this forum about converting stp to dnd project but I can’t see the “Convert to drag and drop” button where the red circle should be. I’m really new to thunkable and I want to covert their reimburse me template so that I could use it in my own project.

Can you post a link to the project?

Here it is

I have the button on my toolbar. I’m not sure why you don’t. I guess you’ll need to contact support about that.

Could you please convert the project into DnD and share it with me? I’m not sure how fast support is and I kinda need the app asap

Here you go: Thunkable

Except… it didn’t work. It said it converted it but it’s still Snap to Place. :frowning:

It even shows the converted project as Drag & Drop:

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Awh, alright I’ll contact support, thank you so much anyway!

Will thunkable discontinue the Stp platform? Or when will it be stop

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